Email hosting

Email hosting

If you are a business owner in South Africa, one of the best things that you can do for your company is email hosting for that professional personalized email address.

Having a business email will boost your credibility even more. Signing up for email hosting is hassle free and affordable. This is a reason that you might not close the deal of maybe your store isn’t selling as much it could. Clients might think you are not the real deal. Plus Clients will remember your email easier.

First impressions are important. If you conduct business via email, your email is one of your main communication a consumer has with your services. Often your customers will get to know your email before they get to know you!

An important aspect of a business, that many people neglect. The reason is they don’t believe this playing any role when doing business. I can assure you, that it is important. Why? It looks unprofessional if you use a generic free email account like for example Gmail, yahoo or Aol. Don’t forget about your email signature!

If you received an email from “” versus an email from “”. Which one would you be more likely to open? Using a custom domain name looks more business-like and people are more likely to trust content that comes from that email. On top of looking more professional, it lends itself to branding your company. Every time a consumer receives marketing emails from you, it will have the same domain name as your chosen business name.

Get that professional email address that fits your business name!