This tutorial shows you how to set up email in Microsoft Outlook 2010® to work with your e-mail account. This tutorial focuses on setting up Microsoft Outlook 2010, but these settings are similar in other versions of Microsoft Outlook. You can set up previous versions of Microsoft Outlook by using the settings in this tutorial.


1. In Microsoft Outlook, from the top menu, select Files. Then click on Account Settings and click on the drop down Account Settings…

2. A new window will open for Account Settings on the E-mail tab, select New…

3. A new window will open Add New Account. In Choose Service select ” E-mail Account” and click next

4. In the next Add New Account window, Auto Account setup select ” Manually configure server settings or additional server types” and click next.

5. Choose Service select the radio button “Internet E-mail” and click next.

6. Under Internet E-mail Settings fill in the form.

User Information

  • Your Name : The Name you want to display when clients receive your email.
  • E-mail Address : The email address you want to use i.e

Server Information

  • Account Type : Choose POP 3 or IMAP
  • Incoming mail server : Use name with your domain name i.e
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP) : Use name with your domain name i.e

Logon Information

  • User Name : The email address you entered under User Information
  • Password : The password supplied by us to you for the mailbox.

When your done with the entire form make sure the Remember password box is ticked and click on More Settings…

7. A new window will open Internet E-mail Settings. Under the General tab make sure the Mail Account is your email address.

8. Under the Outgoing Server tab make sure My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication box is ticked and select the radio button Use same settings as my incoming mail server.

9. Under the Advanced tab change the following.

  • Incoming Server POP3 : 995 or IMAP : 993
  • Check the box This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)
  • Outgoing server (SMTP) : 465
  • Use the following type of encrypted connectionSSL/TLS
  • Incoming Server (POP3) : 110 or IMAP : 143
  • Uncheck the box This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)
  • Outgoing server (SMTP) : 587
  • Use the following type of encrypted connectionNone

Under Delivery check the box Leave a copy of messages on the server if you will need your mails in the future if you accidentally delete an important email in your outlook program. You also have the option to remove from the server after a specific period of days. As well as the option to remove from the server when you delete mails from Deleted items. Click OK

10. You are now back at the Add New Account window. Double check that Test Account Settings by click the Next button is checked and click Next.

11. A Test Account Settings will pop up performing Log into incoming mail server (POP3) and Send test email message. If both shows Completed under Status and has a green mark on the left of each on both actions performed click Close. If not and you get errors go back to Account Settings and double check your settings.

12. Congratulations you have successfully entered all the information required to setup your account. To close the wizard click Finish. Your email is now setup and ready to use.

NOTE: As a courtesy, we provide information about how to use certain third-party products, but we do not endorse or directly support third-party products and we are not responsible for the functions or reliability of such products. Outlook 2010® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All rights reserved.