Website design

Website design in Bloemfontein

Website design, also known as web design, done by website designers or website developers, is the skill of creating presentations of web content. We use our creative & software engineering/programming skills to design, build and improve websites (how they look and work).

Because we understand user experience is everything, we are able to build websites that are easy to understand, navigate and use!

A website is similar to information displayed in a book; every web page is like a page in a book. Our web design packages are made up to give you a guideline to how website designs are made up. Choosing your web design package depends on how much data you want to display about your services and products.




1 Page scrolling website 2-3 Page website 4-6 Page website Up to 10 page website
Up to 5 sections 3 Sections per page 4 Sections per page 5 Sections per page
Basic Contact form Standard Contact form Custom Contact form Advanced Contact form
R1999.00 R2999.00 R4999.00 R7999.00

NOTE: The web design packages above are guidelines as to what you can expect to pay. We require the final content that you would like to have on your website. The functionalities you require, and if you require domain registration and/or hosting so we can provide you with an accurate quotation.

Get a website design package!

We need your business portfolio or all the information that you would like to have on your website, this includes information such as:

  • Written Content: Like information about services you provide,as well as products you sell, company info and what sets you apart, etc.

  • Images/Photographs: Relevant images and photos together with your logo (In addition we need your logo in Vector if possible.)

  • Contact Details: Telephone, Fax, Physical Address, Email Address, etc.

  • Don’t have a Business portfolio? In that caseClick here!
    Don’t have your logo in Vector? In that caseClick here! .